Our Facilities

Oilink FacilitiesModern storage and handling facilities, including an oil berth to accommodate shipments, are strategically located along the waterfront of Lucanin, Bataan. Similarly, a storage terminal, which facilitates the efficient logistics of products from Bataan to Metro Manila, is situated in Sta. Ana, Manila.

Its corporate office is located at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center, functioning as the nerve center of the entire company.

Currently its modern storage and handling facilities in Lucanin, Bataan have 22 storage tanks with a total capacity of more than 1 million barrels. Oilink is also in the process of expanding its pier facilities to accommodate more and bigger vessels. At present, the company has 554-meter long compact pipe bridge that can already accommodate a 100,000 ton dead-weight tanker.

Oilink also has a License Agreement with SAP Aktiengesellchaft to use the latest SAP R/3. This signals Oilink’s commitment to utilize the latest information technology in developing the most modern and efficient internal and external systems to assist its operations. Needless to say, the company plant is ISO 9001: 2000 certified

With these facilities at its command, Oilink aptly supports its extensive distribution network, assuring sufficient, consistent and timely deliveries from various world-class refineries in the Asia-Pacific, thus allowing for quality products and services at competitive prices.

Aerial view