Since 1966, Unioil has led the way in innovative petroleum solutions, establishing itself as a highly innovative business partner for specialty oils, fuels and lubricants. Currently, Unioil's diversified interests include the operation of retail gas services stations and the marketing and blending of lubricants thus making it the leading independent petroleum company in the country.

Independent Philippine Petroleum Companies Association (IPPCA)
By virtue of the original Oil Deregulation Law or Republic Act No. 8180, the new oil players have entered the realm of the Philippine oil industry used to be monopolized largely by the three major oil companies. Members of the Independent Philippine Petroleum Companies Association (IPPCA) are enjoying a good 40% market share for LPG and 15% market share for fuels. Members include the "Major Independents" like Castrol, Eastern Petroleum, Filpride, Flying V, Liquigaz, Chemrez, Oilink, Seaoil, Filoil, Chemfour, IEPI and Unioil.