Corporate Social Responsiblity

The Environment

Oilink Storage PlantOilink International Corporation, the leading independent supplier of petroleum-based products in the Philippines, has made environmental preservation its corporate mission and as part of the overall business strategy of the company in conjunction with the global search for alternative fuels.

Due to climatic changes, the spread of disease and threat pandemics, natural disasters and uncontrolled pollution, the safeguarding of the environment is now considered as a key motivation in fueling the search for better substitutes for crude oil.

More so, swelling demands for fossil-based fuel put a strain on current global supplies, causing prices of oil to spiral upward.

Therefore, in support of the government's Clean Air Act, Oilink will invest on various bio-fuels facilities in its Bataan Depot to further expand its capabilities to store and maintain alternative fuels.

The Community

Oilink is also a big part in the overall economic and social development of Barangay Lucanin, Bataan where its main depot is located. Oilink has continually supported the different programs of the community such as: the re-painting project of the local school; local sports, tournaments and fiesta events and other community –related programs aside from providing jobs to residents, thereby boosting local economy.

In terms of local infrastructure projects, Oilink is a major part of the Iloilo Airport and SCTEX highway project which is in line with the government's national development program.

The Asian Region

Oilink International Corp. is now gearing up to open its doors to Asian neighbors  as the first step in securing a steady stream of oil supply in the Philippines .
The company believed it is vital that investors see the potential for investments in this industry. All efforts at national development are dependent on a steady supply of oil. Although competition is stiff among major oil players and the independent players, the recent oil crisis has brought many together to accomplish this singular goal: to keep supply at a steady stream and pace.

That is why Oilink International Corporation is now positioning itself as a vital investment destination in the Asian region, where our Asian neighbors could participate in alleviating the consequences of the oil price hikes.