Oilink FuelsOilink’s fuel products have various everyday uses. The company supplies various kinds of fuels for the transport industry, as well as other industrial fuels that provide power and energy for electrical plants, factories and even for kerosene-fed portable lamps.

Major industrial fuel product lines include bunker fuel and diesel oils that are sold primarily to a diverse range of institutional clients. Orders can be made through bulk purchases and are normally covered by customized supply contracts that are also tailored-fit to meet the needs of the client. Heavy users of bunker fuel and diesel oils include the power, steel, cement, paper, and textile mills and plants.

Oilink is also a major supplier of the aviation industry as it has successfully penetrated the market by supplying the fuel requirements of both domestic and international carriers.

Other industrial fuels marketed by Oilink include kerosene, unleaded gasoline and diesel.

Oilink’s ability to acquire fuels from various sources paved the way to better quality fuels. Such fuels meet and even exceed the stringent quality specifications imposed by the Clean Air Act.

- GASOIL (Diesel)

Imported diesel from one of the biggest refineries in Asia with .05% sulphur content.

- MOGAS (Unleaded)

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